It has become an almost daily event that one reads, sees or hears about a child that has been attacked, be it either by another child, an unknown or even a family member. Furthermore, fights at schools are no longer just two pupils having a couple of swings at each other after school, but it has become a virtual fight to the death.
What Tang Soo Do teaches students is that we only use what we know as a way to protect ourselves, our family and friends and our possessions. It teaches us to take note of our surroundings and that if we feel uncomfortable about a situation, rather to avoid confrontation, as violence is the last option that we should resort to. We teach when one should use these self-defence techniques and how, as they can be brutal if not fatal when having to be executed. Thus great care and time is dedicated to teaching these techniques to people so as to make them aware of the power of the knowledge that they carry.


With today’s fast paced, technologically advanced society some things have deteriorated, one of these things is the health of a person, not only physically, but mentally as well. Take a look at the co-ordination of children; it seems that these days there are more teenagers that have poor hand-eye co-ordination, than children aged 3 to 6 years old approximately 15 to 20 years ago. And that the stress levels of children are almost as high at school as
an adult in a high-risk, high-stress occupation.
Tang Soo Do gives people a way to work the stress out of their bodies, it teaches people how to breathe correctly and in turn how to relax their minds and bodies for a well deserved break from the everyday rat race, as well as teaching people how to use their bodies (gross and fine motor skills), to perform art, pretty much the same way a dancer would. Through training we learn how to strengthen our spirit (drive) and body strength, by slowly building the students, they begin to realise that any dream is reachable.

Better Person

South Africa is a beautiful country; unfortunately nature seems to be the only asset which makes South Africa the beautiful country it is. The people of South Africa seem to be loosing their beauty by loosing their morals and character. It looks as though the youth do not have any respect or time for the older generation, take a look at how children speak to adults, or that they do not have the will and endurance to do the right thing irrespective of how tough it might be.
Through training in the codes, tenets and attitude requirements that Tang Soo Do gives, people learn that without hard work one cannot honestly achieve ones dreams, and that we are all part of each others lives, no matter how small a part one might play in another’s life, you still play a part. Even a smile can make a difference in another person’s life.