Prior to Grading

1. Member in good standing with the studio they train in and the association.
2. A letter of intent to promote is sent to the students school and students home, requesting feedback on whether or not they feel that the student deserves to promote.
3. Written Exam.
On condition that all prerequisites have been met and exam passed with a 80%. The student will be allowed to partake in the grading.


1. Fitness.
2. General — Attitude, terminology and knowledge.
3. Hand Techniques — Basic and combination.
4. Kick Techniques — Basic and combination.
5. Hyungs.
6. Self Defence.
7. Sparring.
8. Breaking.
Upon completion of the grading and provided the student has no more than two (2) sections below 70% the student will be promoted to the next level.

Certificate Explanation

We believe that all hard work should be rewarded, therefore on passing a grading a student receives a certificate, furthermore we believe that what we learn from training Tang Soo Do must be incorporated into our daily lives.
To promote this line of thought, we acknowledge good deeds and hard work outside of the Tang Soo Do classes by presenting the students with a certificate. Thereby showing the students that we, WTSDA, care about how they perform outside the class.