Do Bohk (Uniform)

Jacket, pants & belt. “Do” = Way of life, “Bohk” = Robe or clothes. Traditionally white, representing purity, sincerity, peace & initiation. Most difficult colour to maintain, keeping it clean trains us more in devotion and sincerity as a high degree of cleanliness should always be maintained. Along with all insignia, flags, WTSDA logo and back patch.

Protective Gear

As Tang Soo Do is a contact sport the following protective gear has been specified to be used during sparring training and competitions — Head Guard, Hand Guard, Foot Guard, Mouth Guard, Chest Guard (Female) and Groin Guard (Male)

Weapons as Required by Rank

Bong (Staff) — Colour Belts
Dan Gum (Dagger) — Black Belts
Jang Gum (Sword) — Black Belts
Equipment used in Training